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HIC Platform

With more than 15 years of experience, we have created a platform that brings recruitment solutions to the technology industry: a Marketplace together with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with more than 10,000 verified profiles that will improve productivity for our clients when finding their required talent. 


Likewise, for these talents we have a portal: Job Search that helps them connect with their next challenge!

At HireIn Cloud we globally expose the best LATAM

talent available in just one click!

Go to the Job search!

Go to the Market place!


We are experts in finding talent for startups and companies in digital transformation related to the tech industry with profiles:



Consulta de seguros

Business & comercial

Sala de reuniones de negocios

Product & growth

En el trabajo



With the experience that we have in recruitment, we have noticed that it is important that each talent have the required information for an interview: means of contact, skills, disponibility and expected salary. For this reason we have created the HICSHOT, that is our own version of a resume that holds the necessary information so it can be seen in a practical and agile form.

HIC are the initials of HireIn Cloud
and Shot is a quick view!


¡Conecta con nosotros!

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Hablamos de emprendimiento y la industria tech!


Experiencias y aprendizajes de nuestro team!

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